Gateway Property Services

Gateway specializes in commercial real estate brokerage for small to medium size businesses. We lead searches for land, retail, office and flex space. The good thing about using a broker is that in most cases, a full commission is going to be paid by the Landlord of a property to some Broker. If a Tenant tries to do all the work themselves, it is most likely that no money is saved and you don't get representation with knowledge of creative structures that often can make a deal more valuable for both parties.

Gateway also does Landlord and Seller representation. We can assist with a piece of raw commercial land or represent your business's commercial property in order to sell or lease property. We have a customized marketing plan for each property. Contact us for a free assessment and presentation of how we would represent you.

Gateway has developed many commercial properties over the years. We have the experience and knowledge to lead the development process on the behalf of our clients. This can be as simple as overseeing design and layout of a tract of land or as complex as assistance in funding and seeing a property all the way through to completion, to include brokerage services, if needed.

The owners of Gateway are also experienced commercial real estate investors themselves. Our team can apply lessons learned through our own experience to your properties. We can also assist with Sale-Leaseback strategies for businesses that need to free up capital for other investment.

With over 70 years of combined commercial construction experience, we offer project management services to our brokerage clients. This typically involves working with a client through architectural and engineering phases and ten overseeing the bid process. We can even stay involved throughout the completion of a project to assure that our clients get what they pay for. This service always adds value and saves money.